Lexington Battalion Chief honored

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Lexington Fire Department Battalion Chief Gregg Bayer has been awarded the Fire Intelligence Liaison Officer of the Year by the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security’s Intelligence Fusion Center (KIFC). Inspired by the Department of Homeland Security’s “If you see something, say something” campaign, Bayer developed a suspicious activity reporting page within the fire department’s intranet system.

Sworn employees are able to report if something they see seems suspicious, no matter how minor. It came into play when an employee reported some suspicious activities before First Lady Michelle visit to Eastern Kentucky University in 2013. Law enforcement was able to check out and clear the report.

“We know there are people who intend to do us harm. Our folks may be able to combat that,” he said.

“These are my people and my city. I’ve taken an oath to protect and this is a part of it.”

He also publishes monthly bulletins distributed to the division concerning issues related to the fire service and homeland security. And he has developed a strong, working relationship with the Fusion Center as an ILO.

“He is truly one of the most dedicated individuals I have encountered during my 45 years of state government service. He is a leader in the field and it has been my honor to work with him,” said Gene Kiser, executive director of the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security.

The role of the KIFC is to compile, blend, analyze, and disseminate criminal intelligence and other information, and to anticipate, identify, prevent, and monitor criminal activity that may pose a threat to the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the nation.

An ILO serves as the primary point of contact for his/her agency regarding homeland security matters and serves as a conduit of information between his/her agency and the Kentucky Intelligence Fusion Center. The Fusion Center currently has approximately 225 ILOs in the law enforcement community and approximately 50 in the fire community.

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