Lexington-based Website Tracks Gun Violence Across the Country

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Since the Florida shooting many people are going to the internet to get more information and statistics on gun violence.

ABC 36 sat down with the head of one of the most popular gun violence tracking websites, a man who also happens to live in Lexington.

Mark Bryant started the gun violence archive back in 2013.

“Injuries have gone up and deaths have gone up every year,” said Mark Bryant with Gun Violence Archive.

The site tracks all types of gun violence in real time across the country.

“Things like school shootings. You can tell whether a school shooting had an injury or death or whether it was just a gun on campus,” said Bryant.

It’s that detail of information Bryant says sadly causes him to get flooded with interview requests after every mass shooting.

“For ABC, Nightline, Good Morning America. Literally it’s everyone. It’s been shocking at the amount of coverage we’ve had and that bothers me because we’re doing nothing but counting death,” said Bryant.

Death tolls Bryant says continue to rise.

“If you had said how many children were killed in 2013 I could have told you how many and their names. I can’t do that now. I cannot remember those names because among other things there’s too many of them,” said Bryant.

But Bryant say this latest shooting in Florida could change that.

“We have a group of extremely energetic young folks. I admire their energy. Their willingness to stand up and call B.S., B.S.,” said Bryant.

Bryant says he hopes this wave of energy will be the one to break the streak of gun violence in the country and make his website less of a necessary resource.

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