Lexington barber feeds the homeless to pay it forward

Barber runs business and also rides around Lexington with food to feed homeless

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Lexington barber is making a difference for people who have fallen through society’s safety net,the homeless. Gordon Carsby, the owner of Nippy’s barbershop says he feels a real connection to them.

“I sympathize with people on the homeless side of the spectrum because I’ve been locked-up with them. I’ve been on the street dealing with them, seeing them,” says Carsby.

When he was a teenager, Carsby said he was heading down a bad road at one point.  Eventually he pulled himself out of a bad situation and went to barber school.  He then named his shop after his grandmother he and other affectionately called Nippy, who was a beautician herself.  Since bringing himself out of difficult situation, he says he wants to help others going through tough times.

“I’m always willing to give and to help and I always thought I could do a little more than stopping at a red light and handing you a handful of change..Kind of enabling you to continue on your habits,” adds Carsby,

When he can, he passes out food to help the homeless, spending up to $70 on donuts, water, juice, and bread to help from going hungry. He says sometimes he gets a mixed reaction from those he helps.

“Some are scared, some are amazed, some are shocked, the reactions vary. One guy accused me of trying to poison him,”

Carsby says he’d like to step-up his game, and give people hope for the future, possibly providing a helping hair cut.

“Hypothermia is just as real as overheating so they are going to need that type of service as well,” adds Carsby.

For any work he does, he says he only wants one form of compensation, a smile on the face. Whether it’s fresh food or a fresh haircut, Carsby believes a small act of kindness can pay big dividends.
He hopes to show others that change can happen, starting with the man in the mirror.

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