Lexington Ballet Company expected to return for 2022-2023 season

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – We know companies are desperately hiring people right now, but some people say they’re ready to get back to work…it’s their chosen professions that aren’t ready for them, like the Lexington Ballet Company.

“What makes ballet unique is it’s a performing art, so were not really able to do our job if we can’t perform” said Holly Marcin, a professional ballet dancer, with the Lexington Ballet.

When the pandemic first hit, the professional dancers at the Lexington Ballet Company like Marcin, thought they would only be out of work for around two weeks in 2020.

“We were kind of just waiting to hear what would happen the next season and the pandemic continued because no one knew how long it would last, so we were all preparing to go back to work. We were supposed to start in September and then they pushed it back for nutcracker” said Marcin.

But as COVID cases progressed…their return to the stage became further out of reach.

Marcin says many of the dancers have chosen to audition for companies elsewhere that have been able to reopen.

She says the dancers never expected the pandemic to take away from their careers for such a long time, losing years of a career that’s already so short.

“Usually dancers retire depending on the person anywhere from 30, maybe even earlier, to in their 40’s if you’re lucky and your body doesn’t give out first.”

She says she is just hoping the company can get back on its feet as she misses her colleagues and mentors.

The company’s last performance in front of a live audience was in February of 2020….with a recorded performance of the nutcracker in October of 2020 that streamed online.

“We saw that it was not going to be possible in December to get back to the theatre we were already predicting that that wasn’t going to be happening” said Artistic Director, Luis Dominguez.

Dominguez says the pandemic has financially hurt the company, so much so that they won’t be able to have their professional dancers return until the 2022-2023 season.

“It affected us very deeply because we weren’t able to perform and performing is what sustains the company.”

The ballet school with Lexington Ballet has not been affected and classes are back underway, as Dominguez says the school generates its own money with tuition etc. but for the company itself, it relies on those performances to generate its income.

It’s been a long fight against the pandemic…but says the board is doing everything it can to ensure a strong return.

“The mission has always been the same, to inspire educate and cultivate in dance in the arts.”

He is hoping more people will support the arts and dance culture in Lexington, so that they can get back to where they once were.

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