Lexington artist working on Cynthiana’s third mural

CYNTHIANA, Ky. (WTVQ) – What do The Walking Dead, Joe B. Hall and bourbon have in common? All three have ties to Cynthiana, and are now the subjects of murals in the city.

Lexington artist Jerielle Hanlon of Kentucky Pop Art is working hard on Cynthiana’s third mural, featuring four bourbon bottles from old Harrison County distilleries.

“I like that this town is embracing it’s history,” said Hanlon.

Hanlon says while most murals are painted with spray paint, she wanted to take a different approach… so, she’s using brushes. She explains though it takes longer, she prefers brush painting because it gives her the opportunity to mix her own colors.

“That’s where my talent shines is working with color,” said Hanlon. “It’s very intuitive, so mixing my own colors helps me, like I’m in the moment, responding.”

The new mural is being painted on the side of the Licking Valley Lazer Works building, across the street from the Walking Dead mural.

Hanlon says she expects that will bring in more people who will see her art.

“It was the first time I saw the Walking Dead mural and google popped up and asked me to rate the Walking Dead mural and that really struck me that people are driving from all over to see this mural and my painting is going to be here next to it.”

Hanlon says she is excited to see a town that takes so much pride in art.

“I feel like the stage was already set for art here in Cynthiana with these other two murals,” said Hanlon. “People knew what it was all about and what they were going to get and how they were going to benefit from it and so, it was really amazing to me that they were already really excited.”

Hanlon says in terms of the mural, the best is still yet to come.

She says the mural is expected to be finished by next weekend.

To learn more about Hanlon and Kentucky Pop Art, click here.

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