Lexington Area Parkinson’s Support Group

The Lexington Area Parkinson’s Support Group is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving the needs of people with Parkinson’s Disease and their care partners in the Lexington, Kentucky area by providing hope and encouragement  through resources, education and support.

Have You Been Recently Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease?

So your doctor has just presented you with his conclusion – you have Parkinson’s Disease.  For some of you, it is a relief to finally have a name to associate with the symptoms you have been feeling for years.  For others, it is an unanticipated blow that knocks you to your knees.  You may feel anger, denial, bewilderment, fear, and more.  All of these emotions are natural and certainly understandable.  But you must never feel like you are now alone in your new journey with Parkinson’s Disease.

One on one support is just a phone call away, whether you are a person newly diagnosed, someone who has had the disease for years, or are a care partner who is looking for answers of what to do next.  Contact Elaine at 859-277-1040 or info@parkinsonslexington.com

The Lexington Area Parkinson’s Support Group can help.

Programs and Support offered by the Lexington Area Parkinson’s Support Group:

Monthly Support Group meetings

Guest Speaker Programs

Activities and Classes

PD-101 and PD-201

Medication Management

Annual Care Partners Retreat

Annual Gathering for the Good


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