‘Let’s rise up and BUILD’

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Thousands of people in Lexington are concerned about the city’s well-being, so they held a meeting with city leaders to push them into taking action, to make Lexington a better place to live.

Thousands gathered at Heritage Hall with one thing in common. They want a better, safer city.

The assembly, put on by Building a United Interfaith Lexington through Direct-Action (BUILD), an organization made up of 26 church congregations representing about 15 thousand people, focused on three issues in the city: mental health, drug abuse and gun violence.

With gun violence, organizers say numbers show Lexington’s homicide rate is already double last year’s. A trend they say needs to stop.

Speakers want the community to realize that shootings happen everywhere, saying no one is safe and no part of town is immune.

During the meeting, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray made a direct commitment to allow the National Network for Safe Communities to come to the city and do a study of violence problems.

People say it will take time for things to get better, but what the mayor did is a step in the right direction.

Speakers are calling on everyone in the community to step up and fight for a safer city, saying city leaders and BUILD members can’t do it all on their own.

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