Lee County prepares to have an in-person prom and graduation this year

BEATTYVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – A year after having to cancel or dramatically scale back special events, schools are making an A+ effort to prep for what many call one of the happiest days of a student’s life, graduation.

Last year, lots of students around the country had to sit out.

That was something superintendent Sarah Wasson of Lee County Schools says was not going to happen in her schools.

Last year, Lee County put together a plan that had faculty handing out diplomas for three days.

The individual ceremonies were filmed, with families one at a time getting a chance to watch their student graduate.

At the end of last year, another ceremony was held outside, where students could get their last class picture together while socially distancing.

“High schools not just about the academics. Its social and emotional as well. Our kids have lost a lot by having to sit in houses and do a lot of zoom and not being able to communicate with each other on the same level,” says Wasson.

This year, things will look a little more normal, even with safety still in place.

Students will be together in the gym once again, with just a little extra distance in between their chairs.

Seniors like Sydney Donathan says it’s a big relief for her graduating class.

“It’s just something that we looked forward to for forever and now its here. We were so sure we weren’t going to get it and now that we do get it it’s such a relief that we get to have everything,” says Donothan.

Another senior Donald Napier says memories of his graduation will be unlike most others.

“I don’t think we’ll be able to compare our proms and graduations to other peoples because they’ve had normal circumstances and we’ve had different circumstances,” says Napier.

Still, students say they’re just grateful that they’ll get to have that special day.

“Even through the pandemic even if it is different it’s just going to be heartwarming knowing that we go what we worked so hard to get to,” says Donathan.

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