Learning Pods: Helping students with schoolwork

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – As school districts struggle with the balance between in-person and online teaching, parents are looking for options and sometimes, help.

Outside groups are stepping up from gyms to churches, they are offering help that has gotten its own name.

Major William Garrett, Area Coordinator for the Lexington Salvation Army says, “Because I think in all of this, kids and parents are two of the groups suffering the most right now,”

Like a number of organizations, the Salvation Army offers a summer day camp and when school began, it saw an immediate need.

Extending the camps into what are called “learning pods ” made sense. These are small groups of kids together, focusing on their school work online. That allows parents to be at work while still knowing their kids are learning.

Learning pods are popping up in other places, too.

Kendra White is helping a handful of kids, in Jessamine County, complete their online classes. It has challenges but also many rewards.

“There are power in numbers. So if you can both sit here and get your assignment done and then you can go on a bike ride, or you can go outside and play, or you can swim. That has been helpful. so we really try hard to get our work done during the day and so everyone is going to sit down and get this assignment done now,” White said.

While the kids are enjoying the more casual environment, she, like many parents, is looking forward to them getting back in an actual classroom.

But the kids have mixed emotions, “I can’t get the exact help that I needed. Yeah, I like it because you get like big long periods of breaks and you can like be way more active,” said eighth-graders Jake Whitaker and Hunter White.

“It’s been really fun but I really just want to go back and see all my friends,” third-grader Lynley White said.

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