League of Women Voters releases voter guide

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WYVQ) – The League of Women Voters of Lexington is joining Leagues across the nation in providing VOTE411.ORG, an online voter guide, to Lexington area citizens, offering more information about candidates for the 2020 General Election.

All candidates for president, Kentucky’s U.S. Senate and Sixth Congressional, Lexington-area Kentucky House and Senate, Lexington/Fayette Urban County Council and Fayette County Board of Education were invited to participate in this guide which can be accessed at VOTE411.org.  VOTE411 allows viewers to check their voter registration, learn about changes in voting due to the COVID-19 pandemic including the location of polling locations, as well as learn about the candidates, including links to candidate forums/debates. Kentucky’s voting rules can be found here. 

As more voters, and in particular, younger voters, turn to the internet and social media for information, the League is offering VOTE411.org as an online voter guide. Voters can access information about candidates on their ballot by going to VOTE411.ORG, then typing in their address. To access general voting information, voters can click on the Kentucky page.

This year the League partnered with the LexVote Coalition led by CivicLex and Fayette Alliance in crafting questions for Urban County Council candidates. This Lexington-focused voter guide can be found at Lex.Vote.

As some candidates chose not to participate this year, voters who want to know more about these candidates are encouraged to contact them to encourage them to complete the VOTE411.org voter guide questions as a benefit to all voters.

“Democracy works best when its citizens are well-informed voters,” said co-president Mary Hughes. “Let’s make our democracy work!”

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