League of Women Voters of KY wants public input on redistricting

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – The process of redistricting is oncoming, so the League of Women Voters of KY (LWVKY) want the public’s input in hopes of making the process fair.

State legislators across the nation redraw districts every ten years based on census data. Now that the 2020 Census numbers have been released, legislators will begin looking at how to redistrict the state. The way that maps are drawn affects funding for schools, hospitals, roads and various public works.

To discourage gerrymandering, or legislators drawing maps to their benefit, and ensuring fairness, LWVKY will hold a series of Fair Maps Forums to seek public input on how best to represent citizens and communities.

Using the 2020 Census data and the same software the state legislature uses, the organization will redraw those maps using the public’s feedback to suggest fairer 10-year district boundaries.

“Regardless of ethnicity, background or where we live, voters should be allowed to elect their leaders, not the other way around. Everybody deserves equal access to government services and funding. We get only one shot at this for another 10 years. Let’s do it right in Kentucky!” said Fran Wagner, President of the LWVKY.

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