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NOTE: The time and date of this event has changed since this story was broadcast.  The Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center Opening for the JustUs Art Showcase is now being held May 19, at 6pm.

Lee Eachus and Sgt. Aundria Elam come by the studio to tell Katie Solove about Lexington’s JustUs project.

‘JustUs’ – a play on the word ‘justice’ and a nod to interpersonal connection – aims to foster positive relationships and empower identity through shared experiences in literacy and art between youth and law enforcement. This effort builds on the many ongoing outreach efforts of the Lexington Police Department.  JustUs is focused on building a stronger, more connected Lexington.

Students and officers came together in the JustUs project, to read “Last Stop on Market Street,” a book written by an Hispanic author and illustrated by an African-American artist.  The book celebrates diversity and encourages compassion even in the most unlikely of circumstances.  Students created art pieces, highlighting the special places in their community, bringing the students and officers together in a positive shared experience.

The artwork will then be showcased in exhibits at the Lexington Art League, Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center and Carnegie Center.

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