LCA fights COVID-19 with several building upgrades

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Public school across the nation are starting the school year virtually including Fayette County. Private schools on the other hand are in a separate category and are planning to go back to in person classes this fall.

Lexington Christian Academy serves students from preschool through high school with nearly 1500 students it’s one of the largest private schools in central Kentucky. The task to keep students safe this year is just as large.

The school has created a COVID-19 response team, which meets regularly, and has started putting several safety measures in place in anticipation of the new school year.

Seth Robinson is the Director of Campus Operations at LCA and explains they have added several new layers of cleaning. “We’ve incorporated an electrostatic sprayer which actually sprays and chlorine derivative and it wraps all the way around the surface.”

LCA has also installed a new air filtration system to mitigate the spread of potential airborne viruses but it will also have a future impact.

“Not only will it help us with COVID but as we move back to normal school years, those stomach bugs and flu bugs that you see in a normal school year. It will help us keep those mitigated as well.”

Robinson admits they are constantly fielding questions from parents while keeping up with the CDC

“We are following those same CDC guidelines that are coming out for school like everyone else. And it seems to change every day so it’s a constantly moving target.”

Facility are prepared to spend part the first few weeks going over the previous year’s subjects. “We will spend a little bit of time assessing those students making sure we know where we need to catch them up a little bit. Getting them ready to succeed for the rest of the school year and not propagating the opportunity to be behind.”

If students or parents still aren’t comfortable with going back to class there are still virtual options.

LCA is set to resume classes on August 19th, 2020 for more information about how they plan to deal with the coronavirus you can visit their website.

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