Lawsuit filed against Nicholasville police officer killed in wreck

GARRARD CO. (WTVQ) – A Garrard County family, who was hurt in a crash that killed a Nicholasville Police Officer, is suing the officer’s widow, the police department and the other person who was involved in the wreck.

The Abraham Family, Sean, Nisreen and their daughter, all went to the hospital after the crash March 11, in Garrard County. Troopers say of the three, Sean Abraham had the worst injuries; his legs were badly hurt.

Now the Abraham’s are suing. A complaint was filed with the Garrard Circuit Court Civil Branch on May 18, 2015.

Troopers say the morning of March 11 was very fogy when Officer Burk Rhoads was on his way to in-service training.

They say Chasity Gordon, also named in the lawsuit, turned onto US-27 and hit Rhoads’ cruiser which then spun backwards into on-coming traffic and was a second time by the Abraham’s SUV.

State police are wrapping up the investigation. Troopers don’t believe any of the drivers were speeding and say Officer Rhoads was going under the speed limit just before the crash. They say so far, nothing points to wreckless driving.

The lawsuit claims Officer Rhoads was driving “in a careless and reckless manner at a high rate of speed for the conditions and losing control thereof and causing a collision…”

Rhoads’ widow, Melissa Rhoads, who is now in charge of his estate is the one named in the lawsuit.

It claims Gordon, “operated her vehicle negligently in failing to yield the right-of-way…”

According to the lawsuit the Abraham Family suffered severe and permanent injuries, past and future physical pain and mental suffering, lost earnings and permanent impairment of earning capacity and medical expenses. It says their daughter suffered physical pain, mental anguish and medical expenses.

The lawsuit doesn’t say how much they are suing for.

Their attorney doesn’t want to talk about the case. He says it is an unfortunate situation for all parties involved.

The Nicholasville Police Department says it isn’t allowed to comment because of the pending litigation.

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