Lawmakers wrap up 2017 session with late night voting

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)- It was a busy day at the capitol as lawmakers worked well into the evening voting on dozens of bills during the last hours of the 2017 session.

In what has been a historic republican super-majority controlled legislative session, lawmakers did not waste a second, introducing and voting on bills as the clock neared midnight.

Republican leadership in both the house and senate say overall they were very pleased with the progress their party made, including passing controversial bills limiting abortion and bringing charter schools to the state.

“We feel really good about this session. there have been more significant pieces of legislation passed in this short 30 day session than in any session even the longer sessions in anyone’s memory. So we feel really good about the work we’ve done and what we’ve been able to accomplish,” said Speaker of the House Rep. Jeff Hoover (R).

“I can tell you from being here for 20 years it’s a different atmosphere. It’s a different way to work and for all the things we’ve passed in the past. p-a-s-s-e-d with p-a-s-t, we’ve been able to do things that we never dreamed that were to be able to be accomplished,” said Senate President Sen. Robert Stivers.

The democratic leadership on the other hand was not as enthused, saying they believe many of the bills were rushed through the legislature without proper research and vetting.

Republican lawmakers say they hope to continue the momentum they gained during this historic session, while democrats say they will continue to fight for issues they believe were overlooked.

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