Latest petition asks that AG Cameron be impeached

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Three members of the grand jury that considered the evidence presented against the police officers in the Breonna Taylor shooting have filed a petition to impeach Attorney General Daniel Cameron, arguing in failed his duties to the state and justice by picking and choosing what evidence to present.

The petition also suggests Cameron’s involvement in other outside matters reflect on his performance.

The petition was filed Friday. Attorney Kevin Glogower signed the petition on behalf of the jurors to keep their identities private.

“The Grand Jurors did not choose this battle,” Glogower, the attorney for the three grand jurors, said in a statement, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal. “This battle chose them. These are randomly selected citizens who were compelled to sit on a grand jury and were terribly misused by the most powerful law enforcement official in Kentucky. It is truly a testament to the Kentucky Constitution that they are able to be here today and to expose injustice and demand public accountability. I am honored and humbled to serve them.”

It is the third impeachment petition filed this term in the Legislature, including one filed by four men against Gov. Andy Beshear and one against Republican state Rep. Robert Goforth.

House leadership, which now must send the petition to the existing impeachment committee named to review the Beshear and Goforth petitions or name a new one, had little to say on the new one.

“We received notice of another petition for impeachment but will reserve further comment until our attorneys review it and the committee on committees has an opportunity to act,” House Speaker David Osborne said in a statement.

Cameron has not issued a statement concerning the petition.

The petition is critical of Cameron, echoing concerns raised by two grand jurors who sued in court to get the right to talk about the proceedings over Cameron’s objections.

“Attorney General Cameron deceived the American people and the citizens of this Commonwealth with regard to his office’s handling and involvement in the Breonna Taylor investigation and the resulting legal actions,” the petition states.

In addition to the Taylor investigation, the trio referred to Cameron’s involvement with a lawsuit to try to overturn the Pennsylvania presidential election results and his position on Republican Attorneys General Association, whose fund-raising arm is accused of playing a role in the attack on the nation’s Capitol on Jan. 6 by encouraging people to attend the rally in Washington and “stop the steal” referring to President Donald Trump’s unfounded claims the election was taken from him by fraud..

Saying Cameron’s office had “no legitimate reason” to get involved in the Pennsylvania case other than his own “political aspirations,” the petition states, “This irresponsible action invites other states to challenge Kentucky’s voting, thereby endangering this Commonwealth’s most basic freedom.”

In the petition and verified affidavit, the three Grand Jurors take issue with Cameron’s Sept. 23 press conference announcing the grand jury decision to only indict one officer and only on charges not directly related to Taylor’s death.

According to the Courier-Journal, the petition says Cameron “said his office presented ‘all of the information’ and walked the Grand Jury through ‘every homicide offense’ before the Grand Jury came to its conclusion.”

“Attorney General Cameron misled the public during his hour long national press conference in stating that his office’s investigation found … and the grand jury agreed that [police] were justified in the return of deadly fire after having been fired upon…” the petition states, the newspaper wrote.

The petition asks for the House to remove Cameron from office and disqualify him “from holding any office of honor, trust or profit” within Kentucky because he “lied to the Grand Jury by excluding information and charges available to them, then lied to the public about what he had told the Grand Jury, the newspaper wrote, adding several other Kentuckians signed onto the petition, including Jennifer Smith, Cameron French and Brett Darling, according to attorney Anna Whites.

On the Pennylvania petition, the petition says Cameron wasted taxpayer dollars by getting involved.

In response to a Freedom of Information request filed by WTVQ ABC 36 News, Cameron’s office said they had no records of what the office or Cameron spent on that effort or a trip to Washington he took to meet with Trump and other Republican attorney generals about the election issue.

The impeachment committee named to consider the Beshear petition is scheduled to meet Jan. 27. The governor’s response to that petition is due Friday.

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