Ladies for Liberty singing troupe holds concert for World War II veterans

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – On Saturday, the 3 person singing group called Ladies for Liberty held a small concert in Richmond.

Since 2013, Deanna, Wanda and Nancy have brought music, dancing and joy to the stage and to their audiences.

By singing old time favorites from the 30’s 40’s and 50’s, the group believes it brings back happy memories for folks who lived and served during a time of war.

“It’s just a soul thing for them. They just feel it and we are watching them from the stage and its just a wonderful feeling for us and. Fulfillment for us and enjoyment for them,” says Wanda Martin, the owner and manager of the group.

“They are so humble. They all say that they feel like that don’t deserve it and even though we really believe they do. They all speak of their fallen comrades and their brothers and sisters who didn’t get to come home,” says Nancy Cheak, a singer.

The ladies say they’ve had families come up to them after performances, saying it’s like a form of therapy.

In addition, the singers believe this can be a good thing for many who suffer from PTSD.

“They’re very private with some of those stories because they don’t feel like anyone else would understand it other than the other veterans”, says Deanna Hampton, a singer.

The girls in the group says each of them has a veteran in their family, making performing all the more special.

With a smile and a song, the singers make sure that every veteran in their audience is treated like family.

“We love being able to honor them for their service and all of our service men and women for the things they do for us,” says Cheak.

To book Ladies for Liberty or attend one of their concerts click the link here.

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