Labor Day feels much different but people are still thankful

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Every generation has had a picture in its mind when it comes to Labor Day.

Coal and rail workers 100 years ago.

Soldiers and weapons makers in the 1940s and 1950s.

Auto makers and computer experts 30 years ago.

This year, the Coronavirus has painted a new picture, essential workers are everyone from health care professionals to teachers ad grocery store clerks.

We took a whiteboard, set up outside the Lexington Public Library and asked people just one question, why are you thankful for essential workers on this Labor Day?

One man says he’s just grateful people are back to work, “Considering what’s going on with the pandemic, I’m glad people are working.”

One woman also took a broad view, “I think all workers are essential and so I’m grateful that in America, President Trump is fighting for us all to still keep jobs.”

Another woman we spoke to owns a greenhouse and says she wouldn’t be where she is without her employees, “I am really thankful for all of the essential workers that are out there so that we could kind of have some sense of normalcy in our life, without them we couldn’t have that and I own a business so I was so thankful for every worker that came in and worked at my business.”

For one man the question was personal, he is one of those workers, “Without us essential workers, well we wouldn’t have Mcdonalds or Walmart and stuff like that, the two places I work at. There wouldn’t be a lot of food or nothing like that. So I’m grateful for us workers that do what we need to do and get food out.”

The day may be different, but on the streets, the Labor Day message remains the same.

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