KY Sting fast-pitch softball

Doug: hey, welcome back, friends. Kentucky Sting, a fastpitch softball team made up of seven, eight, and nine year old young ladies who compete across Central Kentucky. We have the coaching staff here, Connie Hill and Allie Martin, to talk about their success as they prepare to take this team down to the world series. Ladies, we appreciate you being here.
Connie Hill: thank you for having us.
Doug: what a massive effort this is.
Connie Hill: right.
Doug: I mean, you’ve got a great group of young ladies and we’re going to the national championships.
Connie Hill: we are, we’re very excited.
Doug: pretty exciting.
Connie Hill: yes.
Doug: now, give me some context here. I mean, what went into this, getting to this point?
Connie Hill: we play ball every single weekend and we play travel tournaments every weekend. We practice at least two to three times a week. It takes a lot, a lot of work to get here.
Doug: okay. Oh my goodness. So you’re knocking down game after game, doing a little traveling with this team too, and now we’re at the point where you’ve been, you’re in a position to go to the national championship. I mean, have you taken a team to this level before?
Connie Hill: we haven’t gone this far. Last year we went to tennessee and competed. We travel all over the state of kentucky to get ready for this and we hope that we are ready to go.
Doug: oh my goodness. Well, we’ve had the team in the studio today and they are a delight.
Connie Hill: they are.
Doug: great, great bunch of young ladies. What a huge opportunity for them-
Connie Hill: right.
Doug: … To be a part of something like this.
Connie Hill: to be able to play at this stage at this age is an extreme accomplishment for these girls and they’re all very, very excited, and we’re excited for them.
Allie Martin: and they’re so competitive.
Doug: are they?
Allie Martin: so competitive.
Doug: oh my gosh. Now, you said this is fast-pitch. Is that the whole kind of underarm, sling it across the plate sort of thing, or?
Allie Martin: well, for their age, we still coach pitch to them.
Doug: coach pitch.
Allie Martin: mm-hmm (affirmative).
Doug: okay.
Allie Martin: yes.
Doug: gotcha. But they’re the ones knocking it over the fence.
Allie Martin: yes. We don’t take it easy.
Doug: right. Very good.
Well, I love their spirit. I mean, it’s clear to see why they’re in the running for this, but … And you’re going to have to keep us posted, because if they win this thing, we want to have you guys back.
Connie Hill: right.
Allie Martin: oh yes.
Connie Hill: of course.
Doug: this is awesome. And I want to say, too, you guys, the team, everyone looks so professional. The uniforms, your team logo, everything’s sharp, but I mean, this stuff doesn’t come free.
Connie Hill: no.
Doug: I imagine you’ve got to have a lot of community support from bath county and beyond, right?
Allie Martin: yes.
Connie Hill: we have great parents, for one. We do a lot of fundraisers. We rely a lot on the community for help. These tournaments are not free. It’s not cheap. We have to do a lot of work to get these girls to where we need to go and Florida’s not cheap, either. We’re spending a week down there and the tournament itself is not free.
Doug: I can’t imagine, yeah.
Connie hill: we rely a lot on the community and support from small businesses and we thank everybody of course for their support.
Doug: very good. Allie, do you all have social media up and running on these ladies?
Allie Martin: we do.
Doug: is there a way that our viewers can kind of track you all’s progress?
Allie Martin: yeah. We have it on Facebook. It’s Kentucky sting fast-pitch, and it should be able just to search it and pulls it straight up. And that’ll have our team logo on it.
Doug: very good. You guys gonna do some social media reporting for us from down there?
Allie Martin: oh yes. We’ll keep them updated.
Connie Hill: we’ll do live updates.
Doug: wonderful.
Connie Hill: Mindy, she takes care of all our live updates.
Allie Martin: sometimes we might even do live videos most of the time.
Doug: got a team, the kids probably run this stuff better than we do.
Allie Martin: oh yes.
Connie Hill: yes, they do.
Doug: I’m sure. Same in my house.
Well, thank you for what you’re doing for these young ladies.
Connie Hill: thank you.
Doug: this is an incredible opportunity for them. It’s going to pay dividends.
Allie Martin: oh yes.
Doug: I mean, the confidence alone going forward after something like this is going to be huge, so it means a lot.
What’s the best way to keep in touch with you guys? Through the facebook page moving forward?
Connie Hill: yes, definitely through the Facebook page. They can get in contact with any of us at any time and we’ll always, we’ll keep up with that.
Doug: very good. Well, we’re very proud and wish you all the very best down there in Florida.
Connie hill: we hope to represent kentucky well.
Allie martin: we will, yes.
Doug: bring it home. Is it a trophy? What is this thins?
Connie hill: it’s rings and a trophy.
Allie martin: yes.
Doug: all right, well, we want pictures, for sure.
Connie hill: yes.
Doug: thanks again, ladies.
Allie martin: thank you.
Connie hill: thank you so much.
Doug: back in just a second, folks. Stick around.

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