KY Republicans & Democrats Call for Investigations Against Grimes & McConnell

On Friday, Kentucky’s Republican and Democratic Parties called for investigations into perceived violations made by U.S. Senate candidates Alison Grimes and Mitch McConnell.

The Republican Party filed their complaint with the Federal Election Commission, claiming that Grimes’ campaign "accepted prohibited corporate contributions from Signature Special Event Services in the form of a large bus."

According to the complaint, SSES provided the bus to Grimes for the sole purpose of its use during her campaign. But, the complaint said SSES doesn’t offer similar services "in the ordinary course of its business as a commercial vendor."

Meanwhile, the Kentucky Democratic Party has called for an ethics investigation against Mitch McConnell. According to a statement released Friday, the KDP alleges that the Senator has abused his position for political gain by "selling access to the Senate dining room in return for campaign contributions."

The Democratic Party said it plans on filing a complaint against McConnell to the Senate Select Committee on Ethics.

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