KY National Guard is prepared to help locally during outbreak

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – People are worried and scared as the coronavirus continues to spread.

We’re seeing people in masks, first responders covered from head to toe in protective gear, and now we’re seeing some people in uniform in places where they usually aren’t.

The KY National Guard is being called in to help locally.

“I feel like the KY National Guard and the members of our organization are fully prepared,” said Major Stephen Martin, Director of Public Affairs for the KY National Guard.

Major Stephen Martin says it’s possible people could start to see more military in public, but it’s no reason to worry.

He says there’s been rumors that if they’re out martial law will go into place. He stresses those rumors aren’t true.

Right now, Major Martin says there’s about 50 service men and women working in direct response to the coronavirus.

He expects more service members to be working in the coming days.

“We’re Kentuckians too, so being able to provide support to fellow Kentuckians is exactly why many of us have signed up,” said Major Martin.

Service members are working in an operations center in Frankfort to monitor supplies delivered to first responders and healthcare providers.

According to the Governor, they are also providing some security.


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