KY Man Survives 70-Foot Fall Into Crevasse

A Kentucky man is recovering after he fell 70-feet into a crevasse in Nepal.

Western Kentucky Univeristy Associate Professor John All was hiking Monday in the Himalayas when it happened.

All shot video of himself while he was stuck.

"Suddenly I went from walking on a flat plain of snow with no hint of a
crevasse to falling down a mine shaft, and my face smashed against the front
wall, and I started bouncing back and forth. I threw my arm out with my ice
axe to try and stop my fall, and that immediately ripped my shoulder out of
socket, because you just cant stop yourself with one arm," said All.

He broke five ribs and an arm.

All used an axe to crawl out of the hole.

He said it took him six hours.

After he was out, All said he spent another three hours getting back to his tent.

He then texted for help and was later rescued.

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