KY Lottery: Store clerks reportedly cheat investigators out of $18,000 in lottery tickets

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ)- Three people have been charged following an investigation done by Kentucky Lottery that sees if store clerks are properly cashing winning lottery tickets.

Kentucky Lottery says that during the investigation, undercover Lottery security personnel presented clerks with tickets that would scan at the terminal as $18,000 winners.  “When the tickets were presented, security personnel told the clerks he or she didn’t know if any of the tickets were winners,” said the KLC’s Senior Vice President of Security Bill Hickerson. “It was up to the clerks to scan the tickets to see if they were indeed winners.”

KY Lottery says Indrias Joseph, Jinalben Savadara, and Divyang Vyas were all charged with influencing the winning of a lottery prize through coercion, fraud, deception or tampering with lottery equipment or materials, and a separate charge of providing false information to a lottery investigator. The first charge is a class B felony carrying a possible sentence between ten and 20 years, while the second charge is a class D felony carrying a one to five year sentence.

Players are encouraged to contact the Kentucky Lottery’s security department through their Fraud Watch program if they feel they may have not been properly paid a prize.

Information can be submitted by phone at (502) 560-1813 or via email at

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