Ky Democrats, Republicans power struggle over how to battle the pandemic

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Republican supermajority flexing its muscles, overriding veto after veto from the Democratic Governor on the first day back in session after a ten day break.

Governor beshear and other democrats critical of how time was spent with the session ending Tuesday.

“It’s time for us to stop playing political ping pong with executive orders,” Rep. Joni Jenkins, D-Louisville, said Monday.

The Republican leadership prioritized legislation from day one of this session to limit what they call Governor Beshear’s abuse of power.

House Democrats quick to call hypocrisy once they saw numerous bills limiting gubernatorial powers, or as it was referred to on the house floor Monday, a power grab by Republicans.

Ping pong across the aisle., Republican Representative Jason Nemes, R-Louisville, saying Democrats are following Beshear’s vetoes, like followers of God.

“Until their Lord spoke,” Nemes said on the floor, followed by a round of applause from Republicans.

One override made in the House Monday, came only because other bills previously passed are in the courts.

“We only have this goofy bill because another goofy bill is held up in court right now,” Rep. Josie Raymond, D-Louisville, said.

House joint resolution 77 is another way the general assembly is trying to tackle the Governor’s executive orders.

It extends only orders the majority has given its blessing to and extending the mask mandate isn’t one of them.

The governor, as expected, was critical of the overrides in his Monday afternoon briefing.

“The question is are we more interested in being partisan and showing each other who’s boss or actually doing something that works and advances the ball to help Kentuckians,” Beshear said.

The legislature’s authority trying to limit powers is still unclear and a lot will depend on what the courts say.

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