KY couple starts petition to make alcohol sales legal in all of Boyle County

BOYLE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Kentucky couple started a petition to try and make Boyle County a wet county, meaning alcohol sales would be allowed throughout the whole county.

For now, Pippa Creek Winery is a dream of Amanda and Carl Robinson’s, but with the help of the community, they’re hoping to use the land and turn it into a reality.

Carl Robison says he and his wife fell in love with wine after visiting different wineries – so much so they wanted one of their own. After three years, they finally thought they found a perfect place to set up shop.

“Before we bought it, we called the ABC Commissioner’s Officer in Frankfort to verify it was in fact in a wet precinct because Boyle County as a whole is dry,” says Robinson.

Robinson says he got the green light, but six months after they moved in and tried to start the company, the local Alcohol and Beverage Commissioner’s Office put the brakes on their plans.

“He said you can’t do that,” says Robinson. “I said why is that. He said you’re in a split precinct and guess what – you’re on the dry side.”

Robinson says he finds that strange.

“I just find it odd that in 2020 Kentucky is the bourbon capitol of the world and we’re still talking about wet and dry counties,” Robinson says.

Now, he’s trying to collect enough signatures by August 9, which is the deadline to get on the November ballot so the county can vote on its dry-status.

“Otherwise you’d to have to have a special election and that would cost between 35-45,000 dollars,” says Robinson.

He says it’s been hard knocking on doors during the pandemic, but it’s not just about his dream, but his neighbors as well.

“This is an opportunity to level the playing field,” Robinson says. “There are businesses like convenience stores, restaurants, wineries – some people that want to start distilleries in Boyle County, but they can’t legally do anything right now.”

Robison’s home, and what would be his winery, sits on 13 acres. He says he loves Boyle County, but says he’ll leave if he has to.

Anyone interested in signing the petition can click here.

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