Ky Bourbon industry boom helping tourism make a comeback

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Kentucky Distiller’s Association says despite a slow down for 2020, bourbon continues to see exponential growth in Kentucky for the last ten years.

The expansion in the industry goes for existing distilleries and new alike.

President of KDA, Eric Gregory said over the last decade there are double the amount of distilleries and triple the amount of jobs.

“We’re very proud of our distilleries, but more importantly, we love the fact that they’re helping to change the Kentucky Tourism Industry,” Gregory said.

Buffalo Trace says it’s half way through it’s $1.2 billion expansion project.

Photo Courtesy: Buffalo Trace, shows warehouse expansion

Meredith Moody manages all things tourism for Buffalo Trace and says the pandemic has slowed things down but it keep things going.

“And we’re proud of that. We were able to keep all of our employees on board the whole time and we do think it’s an essential business for the state,” she said.

And a silver lining to fewer people at the distillery means fewer people disturbed by the on-going construction.

“We’re expanding with warehouses, building a new warehouse every four months and we just continue to grow,” Moody said.

Last week, Log Still Distillery joined the trail with more than a still house, but a destination, complete with a lake for guests to fish and an amphitheater.

“From a timing perspective, you know, I don’t think I could have scripted anything better to get out pandemic and having our grand opening at the same time,” Wally Dant, President of Log Still said.

The distiller’s association saying log still is exactly the direction the Kentucky Bourbon Trail is headed, providing an experience

“It’s kinda becoming our version of Napa Valley here in Kentucky,” Gregory said.

And there’s still more on the way.

Horse Soldier Bourbon is building a 220 acre property with a $160 million price tag in Somerset.

“Imagine small town Somerset what this is going to mean to them as well. So they’re also going to be part of our family as we grow too,” Scott Neil, COO of Horse Soldier Bourbon said.

Horse Soldier Bourbon’s property is expected to open by 2024.

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