KSU Students Want Change

Kentucky State University students are joining forces against their administration.  Friday, the University’s Director of Student Affairs was fired.  Students say it was their tipping point; they’re fed up and want change.

Friday, Leslie Thomas, director of Student Life and staff regent at KSU, was fired. Thomas worked at KSU for more than two decades. 

“To me she was like a second mother, a best friend, someone you could talk to, go to about anything,” said Mauri Smith, a junior at KSU.

ABC 36 reached out to KSU to find out why Thomas was fired but we have not heard back.

Thomas’ firing was the final straw for students at KSU who want to see change.

“We just want to make KSU a better place not just for the students but for the community and our alumni,” said Demetrick Coleman, former Student Government Association President.

Students met Sunday night to get everyone on the same page.  Monday they are planning a protest against the administration.

Coleman reinforced at Sunday’s rally, the protest is meant to be peaceful, without violence and cursing, to get their point across.

“We don’t want the message to be oh it’s a few students oh it’s just 50 students we want it to say oh it’s the majority of students.  We have alumni members who are standing behind me,” said Coleman.

Students say they won’t stop until changes are made.  They have come up with two-page list of grievances against the University.

Monday morning students will have a silent protest outside the administration building.  They are organizing ‘No Class Monday’ and plan to have 55 students outside the administration building representing the 55 original students at KSU.

A petition has also been created and students are asking if anyone would like to support them to not be silent.  They are requesting people make calls to the Governor, KSU President and officials at the University.

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