KSP & family ask for help finding Brookelyn Farthing, missing for three years

MADISION COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) It’s a day Shelby Walker dreads every year. And now for the third year in a row she’s has to relive the horrific night her daughter 18-year-old Brookelyn Farthing disappeared at at a house on Dillon Court in Berea three years ago today.

Walker says, “June 22nd for us is a nightmare. You wake up wishing for news and so far we haven’t got that news that we want to here.”

Brooke’s family releases smiley face balloons in her honor. They’re sending out a message that they haven’t given up hope.

Walker’s mom says, “I had the smiley faces and that was just our way of saying we love her, we remember her, and want her home.”

Brooke disappeared after going out to a birthday party with her best friend. She got in a fight with that friend and later they both ended up at the now abandoned house on Dillon Court, where a couch sitting out front ended up on fire.

Brooke’s mother says, “This is where all her items as found that morning. Her phone, this was the last ping area for her phone.”

Brooke’s family says she was last known to be waiting there for her ex-fiance to pick her up. Bonnie foster calls herself the matriarch of the family, she’s trying to stay strong for all of them but says her granddaughter’s disappearance threatened to tear the family apart.

Foster says. “I didn’t only just lose Brooke. I lost my husband because it kind of pushed him right over the edge with congested heart failure. So I’ve had two losses in one time.”

After running down multiple leads and making several searches, KSP says it’s come up empty.

Walker says, “It’s still that waiting game that kind of plays with your mind, n are you every going to hear anything? Am I ever going to get her back? And they’re really working hard and, you know, or telling lots of you all (the media) that they’re working hard.”

The family and Kentucky State Police are asking for your help if you have any information about Brooke or what happened that night please give authorities a call at 859-623-2404.The family has raised $14,000 in Brooke’s name over multiple fundraisers these last three years. They’re offering that money up as a reward for any information leading to brook’s return. For more information on how to help find Brooke visit her website.

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