Kids and parents are working from home

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – It’s the second week that kids are home from school.

This has been a challenge for mother, Susan Scott who’s trying to keep up with work and make sure her kid is learning.

On an average day, Scott used to go to work. Now, she’s working from home with a new coworker, her son, Alex.

“What I’ve told my son is people are sick and we’re just trying to keep people well so we’re not able to go out,” said Susan Scott.

Scott is trying to balance work, play, school, and therapy in a new way.

Alex is autistic. He is lacking a structured school schedule and he’s missing out on some therapies.

His mom is trying some therapy from home so he doesn’t lose any progress.

“Alex has some sensitivities with food so we’ve been using this opportunity to sit at the dining table and try different foods,” said Susan Scott.

Scott’s days are fluid. When Alex seems bored, she gets him started on school work which can include worksheets or apps that incorporate his reading and math curriculum.

She gets her own work done when Alex takes a break to play.

“My son’s been great because he’s been able to keep himself preoccupied for the most part,” said Scott.

Scott says she’s trying to get on a schedule.

She’s connecting with other parents through her non-profit ‘My Autism Tribe’ to get tips on how to make isolation a success.

“We have to give each other grace through all of this,” said Scott.

Scott says she expects to keep this going for several weeks and as it continues she hopes to find an new sense of normalcy.

Scott will be releasing a new podcast for ‘My Autism Tribe’ this week that talks about staying home with your kids during the coronavirus pandemic. You can follow the non-profit on its website or Facebook.

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