Kick Butts Day held on UK campus

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Kick Butts Day, an annual event to increases awareness about the impact of tobacco use at the University of Kentucky and throughout Kentucky, was recognized on the Rose Street walkway on Tuesday.

Organizers say Kentucky has the highest incidence and mortality rates of lung cancer, with an estimated 8,900 people in the state of Kentucky dying from complications related to tobacco use annually. University Health Service and the Tobacco-Free Task Force educated students and staff about tobacco use and resources at UK that can help them quit, in a bid to decrease those rates.

A visual representation of the people who lost their lives to tobacco was displayed on Kick Butts Day, featuring a white sheet with thousands of handprints, with each colored hand representing five lives lost each year to tobacco. Black handprints represent the 20 percent of UK students who use tobacco products.

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