KHSAA Commission talks fall sports planning

LEXINGTON, KY (WTVQ)- Will the fall sports season start on time?
In an interview with the Courier Journal earlier this week, KHSAA Commissioner Julian Tackett wasn’t confident in that happening. On Friday, Tackett said those doubts could change.

“There is no rush because of the unknowns to jump back into the full scale competition,” said Tackett. “It will be a while before there’s some sense of people feeling normal here, playing or going to games.”

As it stands, there are a number of scenarios for how the fall season plays out, whether it’s a late start or a shortened season. The KHSAA is even prepared to break contracts to make sure high school athletes get the opportunity to compete.

“Everything has got to be on the table. The number one thing that we are trying to shoot for is that the kids have the opportunity this spring to play a season,” said Tackett.

One option that is not on the table is moving football to spring.

“It’s not really feasable in our case. Think about this from a health and safety perspective. You would really have two full contact football seasons inside of a nine-month period,” said Tackett. “There’s health and safety ramifications to that. That’s probably not realistic.”

As calendar moves towards fall, Tackett said they are still looking into whether fans can attend games and if freshmen and junior varsity teams will even have games.

“I just don’t think that 2020’s fall season in any sport is going to look like 2019,” said Tackett. “That’s probably the first thing that we ought to get into our head.”

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