KFC will give $11,000 to first baby born on Sept. 9 who’s named Harland

(USA-TODAY) – If you have a baby on Sept. 9, Kentucky Fried Chicken might just give you $11,000.

But KFC isn’t giving money away to just any baby. There are two big catches:

  • First, you must name your precious baby Harland, in honor of KFC’s Col. Harland Sanders.
  • Second, your baby must be the first Harland born in America on Sept. 9.

The first baby born whose legal first name is Harland between midnight and 11:59 p.m. Eastern time (or the equivalent in other time zones) on Sept. 9 will get an $11,000 college donation. Why $11,000 you might ask? Because of KFC’s 11 herbs and spices, of course.

If you’re willing to gamble with your child’s first name, bookmark https://www.kfc.com/babyharland. The entry site will go live on Sept. 9 and stay open for 30 days. Parents must submit name, date and time of their baby’s birth (via birth certificate, hospital records or other official record) along with their contact information.

KFC’s baby-naming promotion is held in honor of founder Sanders’ 128th birthday. The fried-chicken behemoth was displeased that the name Harland ranked only 3,257 among the most common baby names in America. (At that point, wouldn’t it be easier to include it among the least common names?)
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