UPDATE: Neighborhood looks for solutions with city to speeding problem

The city explained different options to help with the speeding on Menifee Avenue

UPDATE 10:30 P.M. JULY 19, 2022

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Speeding is something Lexington’s Traffic Engineering department says it deals with all over the city and the type of road it happens on helps determine the course of action that can be taken.

Take Menifee Avenue for example. The city says it’s currently considered a ‘collector street’, which is defined as having about 3,000 cars traveling on it per day. However, the Kenwick Neighborhood Association wants to work on changing that classification.

“We’re using a process the city’s probably never done before, trying to downgrade it, and that has to happen first. Then, there’s a two-year backlog so eventually?” says Blake Hall, Kenwick Neighborhood Association board member.

From Henry Clay Boulevard to Owsley street, Menifee Avenue has three multi-way stop signs. One of the solutions pitched by the city’s traffic department would include removing those stop signs and instead placing a speed table in the middle of every block to help reduce speed on the street.

“We’re always kind of looking for ways to make neighborhoods safer for our residents,” says Liz Sheehan, councilmember over the Kenwick neighborhood. “We have concerns over pedestrian safety and bike safety, particularly when we have a playground right behind us and a community center right here.”

The Kenwick Neighborhood Association says it was nice to get answers to their questions and hear some possible solutions going forward but it’s disappointing to think of how long the whole process will take. Their overall message to drivers on Menifee Avenue?

“Drive like it’s your backyard,” says Hall.


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Lexington neighborhood association is speaking out on changes they want made in their area.

The Kenwick Neighborhood Association is meeting with the city’s traffic and engineering department to discuss speeding on Menifee Avenue, which has been an issue for years.

According to Kenwick Neighborhood Association board member Blake Hall, the neighborhood is hosting its first information and Q and A meeting about the traffic issues Tuesday night at 6:30 PM.

He says he hopes to hear what the neighborhood as a whole wants to see changed about street safety.

Personally, Hall, who’s lived in the area for six years, says he wants to see raised crosswalks and speed markers.

“Right now, one of the reasons that it’s a problem is it’s a wide street, it’s a straight street. And since it kind of goes down hill, you have a perfect line of sight. So all of that encourages speeding,” said Hall.

He says building raised crosswalks and speed markers could take up to two years, and that improvements to city streets in general take a long time.

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