Kentucky’s U.S. Senate Race Heats Up

Former Republican president nominee Mitt Romney Campaigned in Lexington Thursday night for Senator Mitch McConnell.

In about a month voters will decide if they want to re-elect McConnell, or send his opponent Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes to Washington.

60% of Kentucky voters chose Romney in the 2012 presidential election.  Romney ran for President touting his business acumen.  He recently said he is in favor of raising the federal minimum wage.  McConnell says he does not want to do this.

For Grimes, raising the minimum wage is a central issue in her campaign.  She spent Thursday afternoon talking about that a rally in Lexington. 

Later Grimes went to support union workers on strike outside the Bluegrass Station Army Depot. We caught up with her there to talk about minimum wage. 

"I’m glad that Mitt Romney agrees with me.  Now maybe Mitch McConnell can catch up, and realize the wages of one in four Kentuckians will be raised when we actually increase the minimum wage," said Grimes.

We will have more coverage later tonight on the Romney/McConnell event.

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