Kentucky’s first hemp insulated home under construction

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Sunday June 11th marks the final night of Kentucky’s eighth annual Hemp History Week.

To celebrate, some in the community are working on a big first.

ABC 36’s Caity Jackson caught up with those using the plant in a new way.

Industrial hemp has had a long and productive history in the U.S and local hemp enthusiasts are working on the first house to be insulated with hemp, grown right here in Kentucky.

A North Limestone Community Development Corporation Board member, Travis Robinson said, “When you grow hemp it doesn’t take as much pesticides and its not as hard on the land, so yeah I think it’s great not only for when you actually grow it but for all the different after uses, it’s not going to be smoked like tobacco, so it’s not hurting you, it’s actually helping us in our daily lives.”

The Director of design and construction for the North Limestone Community Development Corporation, Kris Konn, says it’s important to know that something that grows very well in the Bluegrass can be recycled and used for construction.

It’s called Hempcrete, made from the stems of the hemp plant . This product is not only eco-friendly, but it’s also hypoallergenic.

“Basically what we are doing here is demonstrating how hemp can be used as a building material, specifically as an insulation. So we are taking the ground up hemp stems, which aren’t good for anything else and we are mixing them with lime and water and making this lightweight concrete mix. We are packing it into the forms up there, and that’s going to be the insulation for this house,” said the Director Kris Konn.

The material is said to be resistant to fire and insect damage and it allows moisture to move through it. Robinson said, “Hemp has had a history here in Kentucky and we haven’t been able to do it sooner.”

The state senate does recognize Hemp History Week.

In fact, state senators are working on reintroducing the industrial hemp farming act again this year.

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