Kentucky woman recounts experience at rally before the Capitol was stormed

MARTIN COUNTY, Ky. (ABC 36) It was an experience she will never forget.

“I didn’t go as to be a protester, I can speak for myself that I didn’t go to protest, I went to pray and seek God for the truth to come out whichever way it was” said Brenda Davis of Martin County, Kentucky.

Brenda along with 38 others traveled in a bus together to the January 6th Trump rally in Washington D.C.

She says her being there was about God’s will…not about being a Republican or a Democrat.

Brenda says that after hearing President Trump speak; the group walked towards the Capitol, reached the steps and then prayed.

“I mean it was like the calm before the storm.”

She says they were very unaware of what was going to happen soon after.

“I was just praying and seeking the lord and not realizing anything could go wrong at a place where you would think would be the most protected place in the Nation” added Davis,

She says they didn’t see any violence themselves but had left the Capitol before protesters stormed the building.

“We had an hour and a half walk back to our vehicle, so we just left and I didn’t even know until we got to the bus that the Capitol had been stormed and all this stuff had went on.”

She says the experience replays in her head all the time and is still trying to understand how it happened.

“I could have never dreamed that that could have ever happened” said Davis,

She added that she doesn’t regret going but she regrets how it turned out.

“We’re not for that, no violence, no nothing, and just there to support the President and stand for our values.”

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