Kentucky students participate in tornado drill

Governor Steve Beshear has named March "Severe Weather Awareness Month" in Kentucky and Tuesday was a statewide tornado drill.  Since Beshear has been in office, he has declared 13 presidential major disasters, all weather related.

That’s something Ainsley Sampson, 8, of West Ridge Elementary School can relate to. She says she remembers tornadoes from the movie "The Wizard of Oz," but she’s also seen them firsthand. "I saw a big swirly thing coming down as lighting hit on the ground," says Sampson, describing severe weather. She says if you’re not careful, a tornado can swipe you up.

That’s why she says she’s glad her school is practicing what to do in case there’s a tornado. The National Weather Service, Kentucky Emergency Management, Frankfort/Franklin County Emergency Management and other groups were all a part of the tornado drill.

Sampson’s class went inside a workroom, which emergency managers say is a good place to seek shelter. They say you want to be on the interior of building, far away from any glass. It’s also better to be in a small room that doesn’t have much roof space, according to emergency managers.
If you participated or received an alert about the tornado drill at 10:07 a.m., emergency managers would like you to take a survey here.

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