Kentucky photographer’s exhibit on display at UK Chandler Hospital

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A renowned photographer’s art is being displayed at the University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital.

Artist and Louisville resident Sarah Hoskins has spent over twenty years photographing historic African-American communities in Central Kentucky for her series “The Homeplace.” Her work is now being displayed at the UK Chandler Hospital.

The Illinois native was a Chandler Hospital patient herself nine years earlier after a serious car accident with her daughter. She hopes the exhibit brings comfort and healing to those that see it, both physically and emotionally.

“You’re there for a reason. It’s because you’re injured or ill, or you have a loved one that’s going through something. With my images from this project, I actually say that ‘The Homeplace’ is comfort. No matter how long you’re gone, you can always come back and be welcomed with open arms,” said Hoskins.

The African-American communities Hoskins has photographed have been around for seven generations, making them an important piece not only in Kentucky’s, but America’s history.

“This is seven generations of people who went through, you know after slavery and the Jim Crow south, and you know, rose above and thrived over all these difficulties. The communities are pretty amazing if you ask me. I think we have to recognize that. It’s not just African-American history and culture, it’s American history,” said Hoskins.

Hoskins hopes her photographs might promote empathy, understanding, and maybe even healing to someone who might be sick or injured.

“We need to understand each other as much as we can and if my photos can, you know, bridge some gaps, then I’ve done something important. And if one person reacts in a good way or it brings some sort of positive feeling in a hospital situation when someone’s going through something, then I’ve done enough,” said Hoskins.

The exhibit is on the first floor of Chandler Hospital and will be on display until October.

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