Kentucky man sentenced in death of Iowa man

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa, (WTVQ) – A confession over coffee leads to a 35-year-sentence for a Kentucky man.

Arthur Crum, of Mt. Sterling, was sentenced on Thursday after pleading guilty to manslaughter and attempted murder for 2016 shooting death of an Iowa man.

The body of Larry Scott was found back on August 30, 2016 near railroad tracks.

The Daily Nonpariel newspaper says a few days later, Crum was interviewed by investigators at Omaha Police Headquarters where he denied being involved in Scott’s death.

He later left town, saying a drug dealer was trying to kill him over a debt.

Two people then came forward and told authorities Crum had killed Scott.

DNA collected at the scene matched Scott’s, according to the newspaper.

The Daily Nonpariel reports, less than a month later, Crum was in jail on a domestic violence charge in Mount Sterling and after a cup of coffee and a cigarette, Crum told investigators with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office that he wanted to “be right with God” and confessed to Scott’s death.

Crum, 36, must serve a minimum of 17.5 years of the 35-year sentence.

He must pay $150,000 in restitution to Scott’s family.

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