Kentucky Jewish Council condemns Ye’s antisemitic remarks

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) — The Kentucky Jewish Council released a statement Friday afternoon condemning Ye’s recent antisemitic remarks.

Early Friday, Twitter suspended the rapper’s account after he tweeted a picture of a swastika with the Star of David. It’s the second time this year that Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, has been suspended from the platform over antisemitic posts.

He has made a series of antisemitic comments in recent weeks as well. On Thursday, Ye praised Hitler in an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Ye’s remarks have led to his suspension from social media platforms, his talent agency dropping him and companies like Adidas cutting ties with him. The sportswear manufacturer has also launched an investigation into his conduct.

Rabbi Shlomo Litvin, chairman of the Kentucky Jewish Council, said in a statement to ABC 36 that Ye’s comments endanger the Jewish community.

“Over the past month, rapper Kanye West’s antisemtic attacks on the Jewish community have grown in frequency and substance. On his recent appearance on the Alex Jones show, together with Neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes, West praised Adolf Hitler, and made repeated comments which endanger our Jewish community. No Public official should be meeting with or endorsing Mr. West in light of his recent remarks, and it is incumbent on those with a public voice to disassociate and condemn these remarks,” the full statement said.


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