Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program helps prepare high school seniors for their futures

DANVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – Getting a glimpse into their future. High achievers from across the state are taking part in the Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program (GSP) for high school seniors.

“It’s to enhance Kentucky’s next generation of civic and economic leaders,” said Aris Cedeno, GSP Executive Director.

It’s week three of five for 350 high school seniors from across Kentucky who are at Centre College, one of three locations hosting the GSP. Students partake in general study classes and an area of focus, similar to a major in college

“Architectural design, psychological and behavioral studies, political and legal issues, astronomy, Spanish language and culture, and so on,” explained Cedeno.

Despite it being a competitive application process, there are no grades during the summer program. Cedeno said while it’s important, it’s more than just academics.

“Being able to practice these skills that I’ve learned both academically and socially, I think practicing that as a senior in a regular high school will really get me prepared for the real-life or college,” said Jacob Moossy. He’s starting his senior year at Scott County High School this Fall.

Moossy said this program is a bridge from high school to college.

“It gives you an idea of what college life will be like because as a high schooler I really don’t know what to expect when I go off to college,” said Kate Hazelwood, Paul Laurence High School Senior. “And this five-week experience is not only great for making friendships and learning things but to kind of understand what college will be like.”

Students starting their junior year in high school, the application process for next year’s governor’s scholar program begins in the fall.

“So far it’s been an experience of a lifetime,” said Moossy.

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