Kentucky football team returns to campus for summer workouts amid pandemic

LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ) – The Cats are back! It will be awhile before they throw the pads on, but for the first time since spring football was canceled, the football cats have returned to the Joe Craft Training Facility. As you can imagine during a pandemic, according to defensive end Josh Paschal, things are much different for the cats.

“And everything is different of course now. When you get there, you have to go through the whole process to make sure you’re cleared to work out,” Paschal said during a Zoom conference call with reporters. “So they take your temperature.”
Paschal says players also answer questions regarding symptoms they may or may not have. There are big differences, but also habits to break like congratulating your teammate after a lift.
“When you have 6 people in a group you’re so used to dapping somebody else up once they finish a rep or something like that, but you can’t do that now,” said Paschal.  You can’t help your teammates up off the ground and stuff like that. So it’s very different.”
Also during the sprints and lifting the cats are wearing masks and…that’s not the best.
“You have to wear it the whole time and it’s very annoying,” said Paschal. “But of course I don’t think it’s possible to go through a workout without at least taking it off a couple of times. Like pulling it away from your face for a couple seconds while you’re alone just to breathe a little bit. That’s a requirement we have. We have to have a mask on and I guess it’s a whole other element you can bring to that workout.”
While it’s not the best situation, the Cats know they’re in the right place with the right people to work out safely.
“From what we know, we feel as if the facility is the safest place we can be at right now. Just because of how sanitized it is after we’re done working out and before we’re working out and things like that.”
The grueling regimen of preparing for a season is not easy, but after having football taken away the Cats are happy to be back home.
“Right now everybody is just appreciating being back and appreciating even just going to workouts and pulling up to the facility, getting out,” said Paschal. “We’re appreciating warm-up, being dead from workouts and things of that sort. Being sore is just a good feeling now and just being able to realize that we’re getting better each and every day.”
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