Kentucky Florida connection says Disney is the place to take cover

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Cynthiana native who moved to Orlando for her job, says she’s ready to ride out the storm.

She and her four roommates say it’s a waste of time to try and evacuate.

Niki Whalen says people are sitting on the highways running out of gas because they didn’t get out early enough, and that now, it’s safer to just be prepared.

“It’s pretty hard to get out right now with traffic, it took me an hour to get from like two exits down on the interstate yesterday.”

Whalen says she isn’t as worried because Orlando is more in land, but no one can completely predict Irma’s path. She says Orlando is preparing just as hard as coastal cities.

“Well everything is closed, so, I was trying to get food earlier and I couldn’t, no Chick-fil-a. Now we did go to Walmart to try to get supplies and there is nothing on any of the shelves and the gas stations are running out of gas.”

Whalen, a Universal Studios employee says both Universal and Disney will be closed Saturday through Monday. He says most people in Orlando are taking shelter in resorts.

“The resorts have backup generators so they have power non-stop so I know that’s a big thing people are worried about here right now, but honestly it would be so hard to try to get into the resorts because everyone is going there right now.”

Whalen says during the hurricane Disney has a special crew on the job.
It is their job to make sure guests that are still in the resorts aren’t panicking and are staying entertained. Whalen’s roommate is part of that crew.

“During the hurricane they actually stay the night at Disney during the hurricane and they get paid the whole time they are there and just try to make sure everyone is having a good time still.”

Her advice to Floridians is not to be nervous, but just be cautious.

“So we are going to stay until they issue a mandatory evacuation we are going to stick it out here.”

Niki and her roommates are trying to stay lighthearted. They say they just named their giant teddy bear hurricane Bearma.

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