Kentucky farmer says tariffs are taking a toll on his profits

SHELBYVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – Farmers across the country are preparing to harvest their crops, but this year’s profits will take a hit from tariffs.

Philip McCoun says mother nature is one thing that always affects his profits, but tariffs add another layer of difficulty to the mix.

“Yeah, it hurts,” he said.

In Kentucky the USDA says the top crop produced is soybeans, followed closely by corn.

Mccoun says the two are neck-and-neck because of crop rotation.

“This field that we’re in right now will be soybeans next year,” he said.

This weekend President Donald Trump told reporters in New Jersey the trade war with China is fairing just fine.

“The tariffs have cost nothing, in my opinion, or certainly very little,” he said.

McCoun said the President must mean on a grand scale.

“Most farmers are willing to go through the pain of this right now if it pays off in the long term.”

Although he’s tariffs directly impact him, McCoun said he agrees with the tariffs on China.

“China knows they’re big and they think they can take advantage of those trades and I think that’s what our President is trying to do, make it fair trade for everyone,” he said.

He said just like he can’t control the weather, he can’t control tariffs, so in the meantime, all he can do is stay positive.

“You have a choice when you wake up,” he said. “You can either make it good or bad, and I choose good.”

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