Kentucky electors cast electoral votes, Adams said some changes needed

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)At noon Monday, Secretary of State Michael Adams presided over the meeting of Kentucky’s Presidential Electors, whose eight votes went to Donald J. Trump for President and Michael R. Pence for Vice President.

In introductory remarks, Adams noted the majesty of the occasion, as well as the work left undone to enhance public confidence in elections. “I intend to offer legislation to make it even easier to vote, but also even harder to cheat – to move Kentucky toward universal paper ballots, to expand post-election audit practices, and to more efficiently keep our voter rolls up to date.”

The event, which is largely ceremonial, took about 45 minutes. It is part of a national process happening Monday in the technical system that is the electoral process.

The vote was held in the Capitol’s Senate Chamber, rather than the Supreme Court Chamber, to allow for greater social distancing. As set forth in the U.S. Constitution, the number of electoral votes is equal to the number of representatives in Congress.

With two U.S. Senators and six members of the U.S. House of Representatives, Kentucky is awarded eight electoral votes.

Kentucky Chief Justice John C. Minton, Jr. swore in the Electors. Pastor Jeff Fugate of Clays Mill Baptist Church gave the invocation, and champion fiddler Mackenzie Bell played My Old Kentucky Home and Blue Moon of Kentucky.

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