Kentucky Continues Fight Against Heroin

Heroin continues to be a growing problem in Kentucky, so much so that the Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton called it an epidemic.

Sheriff Melton said nearly all heroin comes from Afghanistan.

SHeriff Melton said the drug is transported to Canada, across the border into Detroit, and then heads south into Kentucky.

Law Enforcement agencies continue to fight the battle against heroin that’s already here.

On Friday, undercover officers asid they bought $80 of heroin from alleged drug dealer Rollie Robinson, less than a block from the State Capitol building.

Sheriff Melton said Robinson was also carrying more than $1,100 dollars.
Melton said, “Heroin is affecting everybody. I wouldn’t hesitate to say its at an epidemic proportion across our commonwealth."

State Senator Katie Stine sponsored a bill to help cut down on heroin use in Kentucky.

The bill is designed to treat those already addicted to the drug, create stiffer penalties for those selling it, and educate families on how addictive and deadly heroin is.

Senator Stine said, “If you try heroin just once, there is a very high likelihood you will become addicted and your life will be forever changed for the worse.”

According to the Fayette County Coroner, there were 22 heroin-related deaths in the county in 2012. In 2013, he said that number doubled to 44.

Senate Bill 5 has been stuck in a house committee for nearly 2 months, waiting for a hearing. The Senate passed the bill in January.

Time is running out to get the bill through both chambers beacause the legislative session ends April 15.

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