Kentucky castle delivers over 200 meals a day to first responders

VERSAILLES, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Coronavirus Pandemic has shutdown most of the United States, some have called the virus evil, but it’s also showing the good in humanity.

All is quiet at the Kentucky Castle. No one is visiting. The halls are empty, and yet the kitchen still very busy.

Kentucky Castle Food Deliveries

Christie Eckerline is the COO of the Kentucky Castle, she said one of the Castles owners had an idea and with the backing of other financial contributors, including Coach Cal. “We are doing 200 to 300 meals per day and they are going to different hospitals, police departments, fire departments and EMT.”

They have a simple and to the point mindset. “Let’s focus on taking care of those taking care of other”

Their goal is to feed as many as possible. They currently go to Fayette, Woodford,

Kentucky Castle Food Deliveries

Jessamine, and even Scott County, according to Eckerline. “Really not only thank them for what they are doing what make sure they were cared for as well”

She says the staff is proud to be helping others even if it’s just as little as a warm meal. “Our staff is very thankful to have a job and a paycheck that this program allows but they are also really excited to be doing something that they feel is having a positive impact on the people in the community and the people who are caring for those who are sick.”

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