Kentucky Blood Center seriously in need of donations

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)-The cold winter months certainly don’t make life easier for many but they tend to be especially hard for blood centers.

Kentucky Blood Center is no exception but there are good reasons to continue donating even though the weather may not be sunny and warm. Containers, seats, the recovery room and parking lot at Kentucky Blood Center’s Beaumont location are empty.

“We have had some cancellations so we have had fewer donors come out,” says Martha Osborne who serves as Executive Director of Marketing and Recruitment for KBC.

The situation is so dire, calling it a “great need”, while cliché’ is also quite literal.

“And more than 300 transfusions more than the donors so we need lots of people to come out and donate,” says Osborne.

Enter Gary King. Gary is full. Full of life and full of blood which he’s more than willing to share.

“You’re looking at someone who can tell you for sure how important it is to have a large blood supply on hand,” says King, who understands because he’s been on the receiving end of a blood donation many times.

“The first night I was there, I used 56 units of blood which is about four times what your body holds,” recalls King after a 1992 tractor accident. “And over the next two and a half months I used a total of 210 units.”

Now, Gary King’s blood goes a long way and donating is always something he has time for.

For more information on the KBC, click here.

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