Kentucky Blood Center says donors can’t get COVID vaccine and give plasma

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Kentucky Blood Center says plasma donations to help COVID-19 patients in the hospital are about to get drastically low.

If you remember, early on in the pandemic, people who had COVID-19 and recovered were asked to donate plasma to help those battling COVID recover, essentially transferring the antibodies that fight the virus to the patient.

The blood center says, while it’s great there’s a vaccine out, it can’t accept a plasma donation if you have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

Now, it’s asking for anyone planning to get the vaccine, who has the antibodies, to donate before they get a vaccination, in hopes it can stock up on supply while the country is at a cross-roads.

“More and more people get vaccinated we’re going to have less and less people donating plasma. However, the hope is there will be less and less people sick with COVID the more people who are being vaccinated. So at some point we’re going to reach a turning point,” Mandy Brajuha said.

Brajuha is with Kentucky Blood Center and says for people who haven’t donated plasma before it’s less physically draining than donating whole blood because you get some blood filtered back into your arm.

And it’s a chance to help someone else get better.

To sign up to donate you can schedule online with Kentucky Blood Center by clicking here.

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