Kentuckians weigh in on gender debate

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- People in the transgender community are worried their rights could be taken away after news the Trump administration is looking to narrow the definition of gender.

Tuesday Meadows says she’s worried her rights as a transgender woman will be taken away if the federal government chooses to define gender as a persons sex assigned at birth.

“You know they could revoke my passport and say you know your passport says that you’re female and since you have male on your birth certificate that your passport is no longer good,” said Meadows, chair of Lexington Fairness.

Over the weekend The New York Times reported on a memo the Trump administration drafted which looks to narrow the definition of gender to either male or female, determined by the genitals a person is born with.

“I imagine they would come after any kind of document where anybody has had a change from their original birth certificate until what they have now,” said Meadows.

Meadows says she thinks this step to redefine gender is just the first in a campaign to take away LGBTQ rights by the Trump administration.

“It probably won’t be an immediate effect but this is a first step toward a lot of bad stuff coming down the road,” saied Meadows.

But on the flip side, more conservative leaning people see this step as a step in the right direction by taking back rights they say were stripped from them during the Obama administration.

“The LGBT community in some sense was imposing their world view on everyone else and that’s what the Obama administration had done and they have a right to have that world view but they can’t impose it on someone else,” said Kent Ostrander with the Family Foundation

Ostrander says he thinks the bigger issue should be a persons right to privacy.

“We’ve got to have privacy. There’s no point in putting a male body who believes she’s a female into a shower room with girls who have feminine bodies. There’s no reason to do that yet that’s the pressure thus far,” said Ostrander.

This definition is far from become reality, just in the days since this memo was leaked several advocacy groups have threatened to sue the federal government if they chose to move forward.

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